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When designing products we love to bring that bit of difference to set them apart. Unique products that appeal to both kiwis and travellers. Our local team of buyers and artists who love this country  helps to create product that proudly reflects New Zealand's cultural and ecological characteristics. 

Māori Nesting Dolls on shelf


New Zealand's culture is very strongly about being welcoming and showing hospitality. We like to make people feel welcome by inviting them to learn more about what makes New Zealand special. Where possible we try to include information about the product to help the consumer understand it's significance.

We often include Māori words where appropriate to share our love of this language and do our little bit to bringing this language into the mainstream. We get this language checked by fluent te reo Māori speakers to make sure it is correct and respectful. We also offer a range of Māori language learning products as well so if you feel they may be right for your store, please contact us.

Curious Kiwi Game with heads and tails animalsCelebrating 

Owning New Zealand® products should help the consumer to feel part of New Zealand. To remember an amazing trip or to celebrate their homeland. When creating product we try to keep this idea in the forefront of our mind. To celebrate, to educate and to enjoy New Zealand's unique landscapes, animal life and culture. 

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