Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to feel to as confident as possible when placing orders with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us and we can talk you through them. We have some of the commonly asked questions below.


Getting Started
Is there Any Minimum Order Amount?
Yes orders must reach just $300 plus GST in value to qualify. Each product must be ordered in inners which is shown below the product description. There is a minimum spend of at least $1000 every year.
How Much Does Shipping Cost?
We offer FREE shipping to our customers in the North Island when they meet our minimum order amount of $200. For our customers in the South Island we use the best price from one of our trusted carriers. Once we have picked your order we are able to tell you the shipping costs - if you want to know before shipping let us know in the order notes and we can contact you before shipping to advise.
How Can I See Prices On Your Website?
You will need to be logged in to your account to see prices. If you already have an account with us, we can easily set you up with a password to log into your account. This only takes about 10 minutes during work hours. Simply call our friendly customer service team to discuss now.
I Want to Buy From You. What Do I Need to Do?
Great! The simplest way to way set up an account is to call us on 09 829 2160 and we can help get you sorted. 
What is the Minimum Number of Pieces I will Need to Buy Per Product?
New Zealand Souvenir Products are packed into inner quantities to protect them from damage and reduce handling costs. To pack them loose adds to the cost and potential damage so we stick to inner sizes. This is usually 6 or 12 pieces per product. You can find this info below the product description. 
How does payment work? 
We offer a range of payment options.
  • Internet Banking.
  • Direct Debit. 
  • Paypal - (you can use your credit card to pay when using your paypal account.)
  • Terms Account (payment due 20th of the month following) Credit checks are done.
Click here for Direct debit authority form and terms and conditions.
Finding Us
Do You Have a Showroom?
Yes, we have a showroom in Auckland and we'd love to see you. Click here for directions on how to get here
How Long Will My Order Take to Reach Me?
You will be sent an email when your order is dispatched. It usually arrives overnight within Auckland and within 2 days in the North Island. South Island or rural orders can take a little longer. If you have not received your order within this time frame, please contact us so we can track it for you.
We use reliable couriers that we have built up a relationship with but sometimes mistakes do happen. The sooner you can let us know something is amiss the sooner we can go about getting it sorted for you.
There is an Item Missing From My Order – What Do I Do?
We use a checking system to make sure our orders are picked and packed with the highest efficiency. We have really good feedback from our customers about delivering correctly.
However occasionally mistakes happen. When you get your order, please check the invoice against the product to make sure you received everything. If anything is missing, please let us know as soon as possible so we can get replacement stock to you urgently.
My Carton Arrived Damaged- What Do I Do?
When you receive your order make sure to count the number of cartons received. Look for signs of crushing, damage, water damage or theft. Advise your driver of any problems. Mark ticket or proof of delivery sheet with any problems noted. Signing for goods without any notes makes you liable for damage caused by courier. Always record problems on run sheet or electronic device.
Contact us for help to make a claim. Do it urgently. Couriers will try to exclude any claim over 7 days old.
Marketing Support
Can I Use Your Images On My Website?
Yes! We would love for you to use these images to help sell our brand and product. Just contact us to let us know and we can send you the images you need.
I Want to Get a New Zealand Souvenir Stand Can you offer these?
Fantastic! Our stands are a great way to sell more product - and they are FREE to our valued when they meet the minimum spend requirements. To get a New Zealand Souvenir Product stand in your store you will need to fill out an agreement form and meet our minimum order requirements
Website Support
How Do I use the Favourites?
Simply click on the favourite button below a product and it will be added to your favourites list. You can access this list at the top right of screen when you are logged in. You can easily add these favourite products to your next order from the favourites list. 
I can't see the prices
You will need to be logged in to see the prices. The login is at top right of screen. Please call us if you are having problems with logging in.
Are Your Products Made in New Zealand?
All our products are designed here in New Zealand to ensure they appeal to both tourists and the local market. However to compete on price, we have chosen to get our products manufactured offshore, mainly in China and South East Asia. We work with suppliers who we develop great relationships with, some of whom we have been working with for over 20 years!
Who Designs Your New Zealand Souvenir Product?
Our New Zealand Souvenir products are thought up by our awesome buying team. Using information about upcoming buying trends and working with sales data about what has been selling, they come up with product ideas. We have a few trusted freelance designers we use, so we send the project details to them to turn it into reality. This way we can get the design style that best suits the project. All our freelance designers are based in New Zealand and are familiar with New Zealand culture and design.
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